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William Shakespearmint - Organic Spearmint Tea

William Shakespearmint (LiTEArary) : Organic Spearmint Tea (Caffeine Free)

"The Best Thing to Happen to Tea Since Water"

We all grew up with Shakespeare's plays, and there is nothing as fulfilling as enjoying the literary prose of his works. The perfect gift for someone that loves tea, literature, Shakespeare, or collects artwork. Gift it to friends or serve it and watch the laughs and conversation heat up!

Seep into the flavor of this gorgeous spearmint tea! Enjoy the sonnets, the genius and the drama of this organic tea on your palate.

Buy some today and make your next event much ado about nothing.

Ingredients: organic spearmint

Certified organic, KSA kosher, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan.

20 pack.

Play the game - Art Spoilers... References in the art, try to find them before scrolling down.

  1. Calendar on the wall, "MAR 15" - The Ides of March from Julius Caesar
  2. Three witches brewing tea in a tea pot - From Macbeth - "hail Banquo"
  3. Man and woman on floor, Romeo and Juliet sharing tea or is it poison? - From Romeo and Juliet
  4. The Roses on the floor - "A rose by any other name would still be as sweet(as tea)" - From Romeo and Juliet
  5. Shake Spearmint holding a cup of tea like a skull - "Alas, poor Yorick!" - From Hamlet
  6. The green background - besides mint being green, it is also in the Merchant of Venice - "And shuddering fear, and green-eyed jealousy!"


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