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Pastel Colored Sugar Cubes

A rainbow of pretty pastel colored sugar cubes are the perfect finishing touch for a tea party, shower or wedding, mad hatter or Alice in Wonderland party, or even just to brighten your morning tea or coffee!

Important Info:

* These are unflavored sugar cubes.

* There are approximately 70-75 sugar cubes per 6 ounce bag.

* Please note that there may be some natural variation in the color- it may be lighter at the bottom than the top of the cube. This is a totally handmade item, and the natural variations reflect the wonderful characteristics of truly handmade!

These pastel colored sugar cubes are hand formed and lightly colored in small batches and come in a rainbow of pink, lavender, blue, green, and yellow in a 6 oz cellophane bag with beautiful ribbon, just waiting for a good tea party!

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