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Gourmet Chai House brings you the luxe tea experience - and offers handcrafted, small-batch and curated teas that are as delicious as they are healthy. We were born out of a love of tea and the commitment to offer tea lovers a different experience with their personal tea journey.

We are passionate about connecting and engaging with you on a deeper level as you sip our teas. Whether when hanging out with friends, or being on the go, or for comfort and calm during a stressful day or night or just because you want to snuggle up and watch the world go by with a cup of our tea at peace with yourself and the world — all our teas are meant to make you feel good about yourself; loved, social, connected, healthy or like a million dollars if you will. 

It’s a brand built on a lifestyle choice for tea lovers who savor the taste of this versatile beverage and value themselves. You deserve the best so we strive to provide it.

We are passionate about bringing you a variety of tea blends from small batch producers who are passionate about their craft and only use organic, sustainably-sourced quality ingredients. Their creativity, passion for tea and attention to detail is just as important to us as ensuring you enjoy the best experience with the teas you will fall in love with.

As tea lovers, we want to bring to you an holistic experience with cross over offerings while being committed to a sustainable future that is neither trend based nor timid.  

We have one home - a healthy planet is a happy planet!!